H05RR-F Rubber Cable

The H05RR-F VR/TR Rubber Cable is suitable for operation under light stress in dry or damp conditions.

H05RR-F is one of the models of all rubber cables.

The H05RR-F or H05RN-F light-medium duty rubber flexible cable is designed for connecting appliances. It is also known as HO5RR-F and HO5RN-F.

What does H05RR F mean?

HO5RN-F refers to a rubber medium-strength cable that can withstand light to moderate mechanical stresses.

It is suitable for internal use in wet or dry areas, but can also be used for temporary outdoor applications and is commonly used to connect gardening or workshop tools.

H05RR-F cable is a flexible rubber-sheathed cable for fixed installations.

It can provide power to portable appliances in homes and commercial locations. Since these cables are essentially rubber cables and are made of a relatively flexible material, they are very suitable for coiling.

H05RR-F is the coordinating code for this type of rubber cable and is used as its name.

You may also see these cables referred to as 318-TRS. These cables come in a variety of cores: 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, and even 5-core.

These are not heavy-duty power cables, so they are not ideal for industrial or heavy-duty commercial use because they cannot support the voltage and current requirements of such applications.


H05RR-F VR/TR Rubber Cable 300/500V is designed primarily as a trailing cable for use in a mains supply or extension lead for domestic or industrial purposes, under conditions of frequent handling, trailing, or flexing. 

Suitable for operation under light stress in dry or damp conditions.

H05RR-F cables are some of the most common cables used in residential and commercial use. Since they are lightweight cables that help power a large number of devices, you will see them everywhere.

Before you buy these cables, it is important to understand their construction, features, and benefits. This article covers all these so you can shop for reliable cables.

Even if the cable is not for industrial use, it is worth looking at to ensure that all compliance standards are met.


The following are some of the advantages of this type of rubber cable for small appliances and tools:


These are highly flexible cables that can be coiled and turned.

Handheld devices require these bendable cables to ensure that the power supply is consistent even if the cable is coiled up.

Flame Retardant

These rubber cables are flame retardant, so they will not cause more damage in the event of a fire.

Halogen Free

Halogens can be dangerous in cables because when oxidized, they produce harmful gases.

Rubber does not contain any halogens, so it does not produce harmful gases when it burns, which safeguards people's lives to some extent.

Abrasion Resistance

These cables offer enough abrasion resistance to withstand light mechanical stress.

That is why these cables are used for a long time in your projects.


Din 57282, VDE 0282, VDE 0615, VDE 0472 and BS6500 (up to 5 cores).


Conductor: Flexible Class5 Tinned Copper to BS6360 

Insulation: Rubber Insulation type E1.4 to BS7655 

Sheath: Tough rubber-type EM2 to BS7655.

H - Harmonised Approval 

5 - 300/500 rated 

R - Natural or Synthetic Rubber

R - Natural or Synthetic Rubber 

F - Flexible Stranded Conductor

Core Identification

2 Cores: Brown, Blue 

3 Cores: Green/ Yellow, Brown, and Blue 

4 Cores: Green/ Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown 

5 Cores: Green/ Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown, Black 

6 Cores: Number coded, Black cores White numbers, + integral Green/ Yellow. 

Sheath Color: Black or white

Technical data

Voltage: 300/500V 

Test Voltage: 2500V

Operating Temperature Range: - 20 o C to +60 o C 

Bending Radius: 15 x Overall Diameter.

What is the difference between H05RR-F VS H05VV-F?

The difference between the H05RR-F cable and the H05VV-F cable is in the construction, as the materials used for insulation and sheathing are different.

The H05RR-F cable uses rubber, while the H05VV-F cable uses PVC insulation and sheathing. Although both rubber and PVC are good insulating materials, they have some differences.

First, PVC is cheaper than rubber, which is basically a combination of PVC and silicone.

Rubber has more flexibility and abrasion resistance, while PVC has more chemical resistance. The applications and voltage ratings of both cables are similar because they use the same type and form of the conductor.

Both cables are useful for powering small portable home and office equipment.

Rubber cables such as H05RR-F work better outdoors compared to PVC cables. On the other hand, PVC cables have a higher operating temperature range.

Therefore, when choosing between these two types, you actually only need to consider the conditions around the application while ensuring the quality of the cable product.

You should know that the figures given above, such as the total diameter, are derived by the ZMS cable manufacturer by measuring the actual cable.

However, rubber cables from different manufacturers vary greatly in diameter.

If diameter is important, please ask when you order and we are very supportive of being able to customize the right rubber cable according to the data you have given.

Dimensions And Weights

H05RR-F 2 Core VR/TR Rubber Cable 300/500V

Core and Size mm sqStranding (No./Dia)Insulation Thickness mmThickness of Sheath mmNominal Overall Diameter mmApprox. Weight kg/km
2 x 0.7524 x
2 x 1.032 x
2 x 1.530 x
2 x 2.550 x
2 x 2.056 x 0.300.81.210.8191
2 x 6.084 x 0.300.81.513.4274

H05RR-F 5 Core VR/TR Rubber Cable 300/500V

Core and Size mm sqStranding (No./Dia)Insulation Thickness mmThickness of Sheath mmNominal Overall Diameter mmApprox. Weight kg/km
5 x 0.7524 x 0.200.618.5101
5 x 1.032 x 0.200.618.8116
5 x 1.530 x 0.250.619.6148
5 x 2.550 x
5 x 4.056 x 0.300.81.814.4359
5 x 6.084 x 0.300.81.817.7535

Electrical Specifications

Current Carrying Capacity And Conductor Resistance

Nominal CrossMax Dia of Wired in conductorMax resistance of conductor at 20°CCurrent carrying   Capacity
sectional Area
mm2mmohms/KmSingle-Phase ACThree-Phase AC

Rubber Cable

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