Flexible control cable

Flexible control cable is used for loop control and line protection in low voltage.

ZMS Cables has many types of flexible control cables. This includes low smoke and halogen-free (LSZH) cable.

It offers healthier and safer performance because it does not emit toxic gases when it burns.
Flexible control cables can be used in portable power tools and equipment applications.
Shielded flexible control cable can be used for instrumentation control, low-voltage circuit control, and line control protection.
To learn more about these products, or if you can't find the control flex cable you need. Includes a list of flexible control cables in various product sizes, conductor, insulation, and shielding types.
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PVC flexible control cables are suitable for installation in all electrical systems in dry or humid rooms, especially in industrial environments and where high resistance to electromagnetic interference is required.
Control cables are also particularly suitable for fixed installations and continuous reciprocal movements.
This includes industrial plants under moderate mechanical stress, plant installations, machine tools, conveyor systems, assembly lines, and production lines.
PUR control cables are also suitable for use in chemical-resistant, abrasion, and oil-resistant industrial equipment.
It can also be used as an incoming cable for hand-held electric equipment that does not come into contact with hot parts or heat radiation.
For example welding machines, heating equipment, drilling machines, etc.

Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Control cable 

It is used for control, loop control & line protection when the rated voltage is 0.6/1kV or less.

Conductor: Flexible copper / Tinned copper conductor

Insulation: PVC

Sheath: PVC

Sheath Color: Black or Gray (Bespoke cable)

Single-Core: 20D ± 0.05, multi-core: 15D ±0.05

Temperature Rating: 0℃ to 90℃

Shielded Flexible Control Cable --- Voltage Level 0.6/1KV

Shown here is a shielded flexible control cable.

It is part of the many control cables we have in stock while being designed to withstand bending during installation.

As a result, its flexibility can be offered to many industries such as manufacturing, construction, power, and distribution.


Conductor: Copper conductor
Insulation: PVC
Screen: Copper (Plastic) Or Aluminum (Plastic) Composite Tape, Copper Wire Braided
Sheath: PVC
Sheath Color: Black Or Gray (Bespoke Cable)
Bending Radius: Single-Core: 20D ± 0.05, Multi-Core: 15D ± 0.05
Temperature Rating: 0℃ to 90℃

Standards: IEC502, IEC332-3

H05VV-F Unshielded Flexible Control Cable --- Voltage Level 0.6/1KV

Industrial applications of our ZMS unshielded flexible power-control cables include communications, computers, instrumentation, audio, control, and data transmission. And it is suitable for monitoring electrical equipment, station control circuits, and outdoor, dry, or wet cable rack installation. 


Conductor: Copper conductor
Insulation: PVC
Sheath: PVC
Sheath Color: Black or Gray (Bespoke cable)
Single Core: 20D ± 0.05, multicore: 15D ±0.05
Temperature Rating: 0℃ to 90℃
Standards: IEC502, IEC332-3

H07RN-F Rubber Flexible Cable --- Voltage Level 0.6/1KV

Our HO7RN-F rubber flexible cable has a rated voltage of 300 / 500V, which mainly involves towing cables for the power supply or extension leads for home or industrial mains. 

It has high flexibility, mechanical and thermal stress, and can be used under frequent handling, dragging, or bending conditions. HO7RN-F rubber flexible cable can work in a dry or humid environment. It is suitable for applications such as mobile equipment, power supplies, construction sites, stage and audiovisual equipment, port areas, and more.

Standards: Din 57282, VDE 0282, VDE 0615, VDE 0472, and BS6500 (up to 5 cores)

H07V-K PVC Insulated Cable --- Voltage Level 0.6/1KV

H07V-K Cable is used for permanent indoor installation in dry locations in electrical equipment, switchboards, and distributors.
It should be installed in surface-mounted or flush-mounted conduit for protected fixed installations in or on lighting fixtures.
For installation in machines up to 1,000 V AC or up to 750 V DC to ground. Cannot be used for under-wall installations.

Conductor: Flexible copper conductors (Class V) to BS EN 60228:2005 and EN 60228.
Insulating Layer: PVC insulation, type TI-1, in accordance with BS 7655 and HD 21.3S3:1995/A2:2008.
Rated Voltage: 450/750V
Test Voltage: 2,500V A.C.
Maximum Temperature: 70ºC

Regarding the Laying of Flexible Cables

Attention must be paid to the minimum bending radius of the cable.
A streamlined cable should be laid without deformation, which means that it should not be unrolled from one part of the cable reel or cable spool.
Instead, the cable should be unrolled by rotating the reel or cable spool and, if necessary, unrolling or hanging the cable.
The cables on the chain should not touch or stick together.
If the chain breaks, you need to replace the cable because damage from overstretching is unavoidable.
Cables must be placed loosely side by side on the streamers, arranged as closely as possible, separated by spacers, or inserted into the separation holes of the brackets.
The clearance between cables in the chain is at least 10% of the cable diameter.
For the same electrical requirements, flexible cables have a small outside diameter and are lighter in weight.
Flexible cable has excellent bending performance and the bending radius can be up to 5 times the outer diameter of the cable.

Technical parameters:

Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Control cable
Nominal cross sectional area of conductor(mm2)Approx, overall diameter(mm)

Control Cable

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