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Flexible control cable with Screen

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Control cables encompass a large family of cables manufactured to various China, European and international Standards.


For supervisory electrical equipment, station control circuits, outdoor, suitable installation in dry or wet cable treches.




Conductor: Flexible copper wire

Insulation: PVC 

Identification: Different insulation color or Printed White number on the surface of Black insulation

Filler: Suitable filler

Binding tape: Polyester tape 

Inner sheath: PVC 

Shield: Copper Wire Braided

Outher Sheath: PVC 

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions - number of cores x conductor cross-sectionExternal diameterCu weightCable weightPacking*

N x mm²mmkg/kmkg/km
2 x 0,55,33245CUT
3 x 0,55,63955CUT
4 x 0,56,34661CUT
5 x 0,56,65274CUT
6 x 0,57,26689CUT
7 x 0,57,66898CUT
8 x 0,58,380117CUT
10 x 0,5981135CUT
12 x 0,59,5117157CUT
14 x 0,510,4122190CUT
16 x 0,511,2123210CUT
18 x 0,511156217CUT
20 x 0,511,8173240CUT
21 x 0,512,3189250CUT
24 x 0,513236300CUT
25 x 0,513,6250314CUT
30 x 0,514297360CUT
32 x 0,515,2301425CUT

*) Packing: CUT = cable in different lengths on drum or reel, possible cutting at required length

Control Cable

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All customised cables designed by our cable engineer will be subject to testing to relevant standards and appropriate performance criteria. Bespoke cable testing will be conducted under our CNAS accreditation where appropriate. Where required by industry or application, we can submit for relevant cable certification and cable approval processes. For more information or to discuss possible custom designed cable solutions, please complete an enquiry form, contact our technical experts on the Technical Hotline +86 (0)371 6782 9333, or

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