PVC XLPE Insulation Control Cable

Control cables are versatile multi-core power and signal control cables suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

ZMS insulated control cables are available in a variety of insulation materials for different needs and different purposes.

Its insulation materials include polyethylene (PE insulation), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE insulation), polyvinyl chloride (PVC insulation), rubber insulation (ERP insulation), etc.

Insulated cables made from different insulation materials are subjected to strict quality system tests.

Only cable products that meet the standards can be sold from ZMS factories.

The role of cable insulation is to isolate or wrap the electrically charged body with a non-conductive substance to prevent electric shock and provide safety measures.


Control cables are versatile multi-core power and signal control cables suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

These include the use of an interconnecting cable in manufacturing plants and other automated production facilities for measuring, controlling, or regulating equipment including assembly and production lines, conveyors, and computer units.

These unshielded control cables are highly flexible for easy installation both outdoors when protected against direct sunlight, and indoors in dry or moist conditions.

The tough outer sheathing protects against the effects of light mechanical and environmental stresses.

Control cable is also suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy, and transportation sectors, for the exchange of rated voltage 0.6/1kV below the control, protection lines.

An instrument cable is suitable for instruments and other electrical equipment in the signal transmission and control circuit.


IEC 60502, BS 5308, GB 9330


Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Wire

Insulation: PVC, XLPE

Sheath: PVC Sheath

Types of XLPE/PVC Insulated Cable Products

What is XLPE Insulation?

XLPE insulation is a new type of environment-friendly product with high temperature and environmental resistance, which is made of thermosetting plastic. 

The electrical properties of XLPE insulated cable produced by ZMS are almost as good as those of polyethylene, and the long-term working temperature is relatively higher than that of polyethylene.

At the same time, the mechanical properties are better than those of polyethylene, and the aging resistance is also better. It is usually used in places where high environmental resistance is required.

Concentric XLPE Insulated Cable

XLPE concentric cables manufactured by ZMS are often used as energy supply cables. It is most common in power distribution, panel, and street lighting.

Conductor: Aluminum / Copper Conductor

XLPE cable insulation: XLPE

Core: Single / Two / Three / Four core

Cable Inner Sheath: PVC

Concentric Conductor Layer: Copper / Aluminum

Cable Tape: Non-absorbent Material or OEM

Cable Outer Sheath: XLPE / PVC / PE

High(Medium) Voltage Copper(Aluminum) Core XLPE Insulated Cable

ZMS Cable Manufacturer is a specialized supplier of medium and high-voltage underground power cables. Our standard MV underground transmission line composition includes single and three-core cables with copper or aluminum conductors.

Conductor: Aluminum / Copper Conductor

Insulation Screen: Semi-conductive XLPE

Core: Single / Three core

Conductor Screen: XLPE

Cable Tape: Water Swellable Semi-conductive Tape

Cable Outer Sheath: XLPE / PVC / PE

PVC control cable is a common product in the wire and cable industry. Its products are characterized by good physical and mechanical properties, good processing performance, low cost, and low price. And it contains halogen and uses the largest amount of sheathing.

Sheathed Screening Power Cable

Shielded flexible cables are part of our extensive inventory of control cables. Its flexibility can be found in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, power, and distribution.

Conductor: Copper Conductor

Insulation: PVC

Core: Single / Medium core

Cable Inner Sheath: PVC

Screen: Copper (Plastic) Or Aluminum (Plastic) Composite Tape, Copper Wire Braided

Cable Outer Sheath: PVC

Copper Core PVC Insulated Control Cable—H05VV-F / H07VK / H07RNF

Industrial applications of ZMS unshielded flexible control cable include communication, computer, instrumentation, audio, control, and data transmission. And it is suitable for monitoring electrical equipment, control circuits, and outdoor, dry, or wet cable rack installations.

Conductor: Copper Conductor

Insulation: PVC

Core: Single / Medium Core

Cable Outer Sheath: PVC

The Difference Between Two Insulating Materials

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC insulation)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC insulation) is a polymer of polyethylene. It has good chemical stability, can prevent the erosion of chemicals and acids, and has the characteristics of resistance to humidity, aging, and non-flammability. 

Its working temperature cannot exceed 70 °C, and it will harden at low temperatures.

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE insulation)

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE insulation) is an important technology to improve the performance of polyethylene (PE). XLPE with a cross-linked website structure has more excellent heat resistance. 

Long-term working temperature can reach 90℃ and thermal life can reach 40 years. 

XLPE inherits the good insulation performance of PE increases the insulation resistance and reduces the power loss. XLPE improves its hardness, stiffness, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance in terms of chemical composition, which makes up for the lack of rigidity and easy cracking of PE. 

It also has strong acid and alkali resistance and chemical and pharmaceutical corrosion resistance. Its combustion materials are mainly water and carbon dioxide, which are less harmful to the environment and meet the requirements of modern fire safety.

Customized XLPE/PVC Insulated Cable Products

If you don’t know how to choose the products you need or don’t find the cable type and size you need on this page, don’t worry. 

Contact us and send us your requirements, and we can help you choose the right cable. 

You can provide us with the following information: cable voltage, conductor material, insulation and sheath material, shield type, armor type, etc. or you can provide us with cable installation environment, application requirements, etc.

We will serve you wholeheartedly. 

ZMS Cable Supplier has a number of quality certifications: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO14001, ISO18000, CE, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Table 1 :

Number of coreNominal Cross-Sectional AreaMaximum Diameter Wires in Conductor mmNominal Overall Diameter mmNominal Weight kg/km

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ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable,electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards,etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

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All customised cables designed by our cable engineer will be subject to testing to relevant standards and appropriate performance criteria. Bespoke cable testing will be conducted under our CNAS accreditation where appropriate. Where required by industry or application, we can submit for relevant cable certification and cable approval processes. For more information or to discuss possible custom designed cable solutions, please complete an enquiry form, contact our technical experts on the Technical Hotline +86 (0)371 6782 9333, or

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